Sunday, April 20, 2008

I heart my German Shepherd

Seen on a bumper sticker yesterday:

I guess when you're driving to St. Bernard for the Bloomin' festival one should expect some pro-Catholic stickers, but I just wasn't expecting that one.

While we're on the subject of the pope, does he look just a little like Emperor Palpatine to anyone else? I've thought there was a resemblance, but as I've searched for images to prove my point I found that apparently I'm not the only one:

I'm wondering also about distributing mass at Yankee Stadium, particularly how to get it to everyone. I think it's a cool idea for someone as important as the pope, particularly in a church with as much of a sacramental emphasis as the Catholic Church. I suppose since they tend to use wafers that would make it a lot easier to just bless a bunch and have priests go out to distribute the elements.

And on the subject of communion (as I ramble on and on), a few Sundays ago we took our confirmation class to a church in Huntsville that passed out communion in what looked like to-go cups. They were shaped kind of like coffee creamer packets, and had the wafer attached to the top of the lid, looking very similar to this:

Today's the last day of confirmation class, and Tuesday is the last day of CPE. It'll be strange not having either of those; I'll actually be able to do all of the rest of my job.

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